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In tropical country, HOT AIR TRAPPED in the attic whole year long.  It is like a “Natural Sauna” above us.  It causes discomfort  and waste energy in air conditioning.


How to keep HEAT out of buildings ?


The following simple way can help to eliminate the radiant heat transfer into your building.


  1. *INSTALL A RADIANT BARRIER underneath your roof*


“Studies at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) indicate that, under peak day conditions, total heat transfer down through attics can be reduced by more than 40% in this way.”



What is Radiant Barrier ?


A Radiant Barrier (Layer of foil) with the Emissivity value at 0.05 or less can help to prevent the HEAT BUILT-UP.  They do not absorb nor emit radiant heat. The lower the emissivity the better the radiant barriers.


Radiant barriers are materials that restrict the transfer of far-infrared radiation across an airspace. They reflect the radiation heat that Strikes on them and minimize the radiant heat passes through its surface.


  1. *Install a ventilation products at the roof  to remove the TRAPPED HOT AIR in the attic and to ventilate it.*


Type of ventilation  :                          

i)         Exhaust ventilation                

ii)       Intake ventilation



i)                     Exhaust ventilation             

a.        Wind Driven turbine ventilator.

b.       Ridge-Vent

c.        Electrical exhaust fan


ii)                   Intake ventilation

a.         Louvres (Cornice vent)

b.       Soffit vent

c.        Perforated ceiling


The advantages of ventilation products.


-          Provide a continuous flow of fresh air which increases the comfort level.

-          Provision of sufficient oxygen

-          Exhaustion of air-borne contaminants

-          No maintenance required

-          Noise free

-          No electricity comsumption

-          Long Lasting

-          Effective solutions with minimum cost